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Perpendicular is when two lines cross and form a right angle, which I hope you know what that is.

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Q: What does perpendicular look like?
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Related questions

What is a perpendicular line look like?


What do perpendicular signs look like?

They look like an upside-down "T".

How does a perpendicular lines look like?

It looks like a X.

What does a perpendicular bisector look like?

A perpendicular bisector has a right angle or 90 degrees

What is the side of perpendicular look like?

Nothing. A perpendicular is an adjective, not a noun. A perpendicular, by itself, cannot exist. A perpendicular bisector, for example, does not have any sides.

What do perpendicular lines look like?

Perpendicular lines look like two straight lines that meet or intersect at a 90-degree angle. The capital letter T is an example of what they might look like.

What does the perpendicular sign look like?

It looks like an upside-down "T".

How does a quadrilateral with perpendicular sides look like?

it would look weird because that is not possible

What is parallel perpendicular lines look like?

As far as we know, two lines can be perpendicular, or they can be parallel, but they can't be both.

What does two perpendicular line look like?

It looks like a plus sign (+)

What does a pentagon with perpendicular and parallel sides look like?

home plate

What does the perpendicular to sign look like in maths?

It looks like an upside-down "T".

How do examples of perpendicular lines look?

These lines are perpendicular: _|

What does a polygon with 1 pair of perpendicular side look like?

it's a something

What does the axis look like on Mercury?

It is very close to perpendicular to its plane of rotation.

What does the perpendicular line look like?

A line that makes a right angle

What does a triangle look like with 2 perpendicular sides?

That is impossible because it can only have 1 perpendicular line so if it has 2 it wouldn't be a triangle.

What is an unperpendicular line?

A perpendicular line is two lines that look like a plus +. If they're not perpendicular, they don't cross with 90 degree angles.

Can you show me what a perpendicular lines look like?

They look like two intersecting lines that make four right angles. Like the two lines in this L.

Perpendicular lines look like?

They are straight lines that intersect each other at 90 degrees

How do a obtuse angle look?

Like __/ or \__. (in between a straight line and a right angle (perpendicular lines)

How does a perpendicular slope look?


What makes two lines perpendicular what do they look like?

Perpendicular lines are ones that make right angles when they meet. For instance the letters T H E and L are all made of perpendicular line segments.

What does perpenciular line look like?

Two lines are perpendicular when they cross at right angle like the corner of a piece of paper.

What does a perpendicular line look like?

A perpendicular line is a straight line that intersects another straight line at right angles or 90 degrees on all four sides.