What does petrol plus oxygen equal?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Add heat and you get combustion.

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Q: What does petrol plus oxygen equal?
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What does Sulfur plus Oxygen equal?

Sulphur + oxygen = Sulphur Oxide

What does xenon plus oxygen equal?

There are a number of possible compounds.

What does radium plus oxygen equal?

The radium oxide is formed.

What is burning petrol?

"Burning" petrol is the same as oxidising it, reacting it with oxygen or combusting it.

When methane burns carbon dioxide and water are formed The mass of carbon dioxide plus the mass of water equal the mass of the methane plus the mass of OXYGEN?

When methane burns, the carbon dioxide and water formed, equal the mass of the methane plus the mass of the oxygen.

1 galen petrol equal how much liter petrol?


Is petrol a gas?

Petrol is a volatile liquid. The vapours mixed with oxygen are highly combustible.

Why does petrol spray burn faster than petrol in a bowl?

It burns quicker because when it is sprayed, the oxygen particles (0) completely overwhelm and surround the petrol particles. Oxygen is a compulsory supply in order to make something burn. And the reason for why petrol does not burn quickly when it is in a bowl is because the Oxygen particles only surround the surface of the petrol rather than surrounding the whole thing like when it is sprayed. ()-> a circle -> oxygen particles collide from all sides of the droplets sprayed-> burns quicker |_|-> petrol in a bowl-> oxygen particles can only collide into the surface of the petrol-> consumes more time to burn the petrol.

Is c7h16 plus o2 equal to 7co2 plus 8h20?

How could it be? Where is the oxygen count? C7H16 + 11O2 -> 7CO2 + 8H2O

Is petrol contains hydrogen and oxygen?

yes it is

What is the pH of oxygen containing petrol?


What happen when use mixture of argon gas and petrol in place of mixture of oxygen and petrol in petrol engine?

big boom, that what happen