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It is a symbol representing addition, one of the basic binary operations in arithmetic.

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Q: What does plus mean in math?
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What does a plus with a minus under it mean math?

A plus with a minus under it means "plus or minus" in math.

What does more than a number mean in math?


What does plus mean in math terms?

Add the quantities the plus sign is between. 3 + 4 = 7

In math what does 20 k plus 50 mean?

It could mean 20000 + 50 = 20050

What does And mean in math terms?

"And" usually refers to the process of addition. It can be another word for "plus."

What dpoes math mean math is when you add like this 7 plus 18 or multipulcation like 7xms 1 7?

well +2=3

Is decrease in math is minus or plus?

In math decrease means minus and increase means plus

What is 3 plus 45 plus 66 plus 123 plus 4445 plus 9?

The answer to that arithmetic is 4,568.Do the math. Yeah no kidding do the math.....again it is 4,691.

Math question -49 x -1627?


What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

Math Represent the number 853 800 plus 50 plus 3 8 hundreds plus 5 tens plus 3 ones 800 plus 59?

The answer to this question is 54600096. This is a math problem.

What does p mean in math?

P = Plus M = Minus F = Fraction

What does double mean in math?

Plus the number and itself What the double of 2 Answer: 4

What is t plus t plus 3t plus 1 in math?

5t + 1

What is 34 plus 20?

The math problem 34 plus 20 is 54. This is a basic math problem to to children in elementary school.

What is the answer to the math problem 10 plus 100 plus 10?


Why the plus symbol in math?

The plus symbol, "+", is used to indicate an addition.

What is 4t plus 3s plus 2p equals c?


How do you Get a A plus On a math test?

You have to study!

What does comparison mean in math?

in math

What are some words that mean to add in math?

more, plus, deposit, add, gain, raise, increase, sum, total

How to slove 4x plus 7 31?

The math problem 4x plus 7 times 31 equals 8. This is taught in math.

Whats n plus 28 mean?

N plus 28 is a math equation. N would stand for an unknown number. You would add 28 to this unknown to find the answer.

What does reasonableness mean in math?

I wanted to know what is reasonableness in math mean

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