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The probability of an event is the percentage of times that it would happen out of an infinite number of tries.

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What the probility of choosing red card of the black?

The probability, or probility, even, is 0 since tere can be no such thing as "choosing red card of the black".

Activity in which outcomes can be used to estimate probility?

Assuming that probility is your failed attempt to spell probability, the activity is repeated trials whose outcomes are independent, identically distributed (iid) variables.

What type of verb is probility?

Probility is a verb of the non-existent type, because there is no such word.The nearest word in the English language is "probability", and that is not a verb - it is a noun. The question makes no sense at all!

What is the probability of not rolling a 5?

Even if I assume that you mean probability and not probility, the question cannot be answered since there is no information as to what is being rolled. For a normal tetrahedral die, the answer is 1.

What is the probility that a human offspring will be male and or female?

The probability that a human offspring will be male and/or female is 1.

What is probility?

It is a non existent word: a typographic error: in all likelihood, halfway between probity and probability.

Probility of getting a sum of 8 on a pair of dice?


What is the probility of getting two tales when flipped twice?

25% probability. (4 possibilities, 1 yielding that result)

What is the probility of drawing a red spade from a deck of cards?

0% there are only black spades which have a probability of 25% of being drawn.

What is the probility that the card you pick out is not a face card or an ace out of all of a deck?

There are 52 - 16 = 36 cards that are not what you described. So the probability is 36 / 52

What is more than two alleles for a trait?

The presence of more than two alleles for a trait is known as probility. There might be one which is dormant and the others which are recessive.

What is the probility that the next child will also be normal?

The risk of some congenital illnesses increases with the age of the mother. Since there is no information about that, it is not possible to give a more useful answer to the question.

What does probility have to do with genetics?

Probability is all genetics. It is all chance of random assortment of chromosome and the reults are all probable. Chance determine the colour of your eyes and hair aswell

Where to get fire shards in elsword?

If you mean by fire shards do you mean El shard(fire) you can only get them from El Shard (mystery) you will need to buy a El shard solver then use the solver on the El Shard (mystery) the probility of getting a El shard(fire) is %22.16 You can get El shard (mystery) from just running duengons or PvP or Henir time and space I hope this helped :)

How do you do probility?

i believe you mean probability. probability is the do with the chance of something happening. if you expect that 10 out of 50 people may know that Beijing is the capital of China. Then you can expect to say it is probable that 10/50 x100 % of people will know the answer = 20%. There will be some variation i nthis answer depending on who you ask, hpow you ask them, how many people you ask.

Are sandstorm and dustpelt brother and sister?

No, they would have been mates (probility) and firestar may have been mates with spottedleaf instead of sandstorm. if it werent for firestars loylalty sandstorm would have been dustpelts mate.

Were could you go to get math questions?

the bag contained 2 green, 10 pink, 5 red, 8 yellow, and 7 orange candies? she pick up 1 of the jelly beans from the bag. what is the probility that felicia picked a yellow jelly bean?

What is an idea for a probability game?

the idea for a probility game is get a big soda bottle then cut the lid in side and take the cap off the lid then get beads then color the bottom of different color and then u projets is done... then u drop the beads in then see wat color it lands in the most

What is the probability of drawing a 6-inch pair of pliers from the first basket without looking?

To answer that we need to know how many baskets there are and how many of the different things there are in each basket. Else - If there were only pliers in the first basket OR there was only one set of pliers and nothing else then the probility is at 100% that you'll get them on first seclection

What is the probility of rolling a 4 on one roll of a die?

There are 6 sides to the (standard) die. Each has a different number - there is only one 4. Each is equally probable, so none is more likely than the other. So of the 6 choices, one is the one you want, the 4. So the probability is 1 in 6, or roughly 17%.

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