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The answer you get when you multiply two numbers together.

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Q: What does product mean in word problems?
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Does the word product mean add?

No it mean to multiply

What does the word product means?

The product mean like 7n in algebra.

What does the french word les problemes mean?

the problems

What does the word product mean in algebra?

In math and algebra, a product is the result of multiplication. The product of a x b is ab.

What does the suffix duct mean in product?

In the word "product" the letters "~duct" are not a suffix and have no independent meaning.

What does the word product mean in a chemical reaction?

its the scientific word for producta a proven word in a chemical oxide

What is a product of a math problem?

The "product" is common in math problems. (Especially multipucation problems.) A product is the answer to a multipucation problem.

What does the word product mean in an algebra expression?

It means the result of a multiplication.

What are advantages of product concept?

Having a product concept helps inventors work out the problems with the product. With an understanding about potential problems, they can make the product better.

What is a pruduct in math?

If you mean product it is the answer to a multiplication problem.If it is the word pruduct is something in a store.

What does the word carefree mean?

It means "without care". No problems or concerns.

Do you have problems with prostetics?

is it a new word ? or you mean prosthetics,if so several.

What does the word product mean in maths?

The product in math is the result of multiplying numbers together. For example, 50 x 3 = 150. The product is 150.

In math what does the word multiple mean?

It mean the product of a given whole number and another whole number.

What does the word product mean?

Product means the things you buy at the store.There is also the math product. Which means theanswer for a multiplication problem.It can also mean a product, no food produce, but a buyer one, anything you buy.product means like an item

What dose the word product mean?

useful ,economic,cheap cost,for every body

What does to sell a lemon mean?

"Lemon" is an informal word for a product, particularly an automobile, that is defective.

What does inport mean?

The word import means to bring something into. The word import typically refers to a product that is brought into a country.

What does yield mean in a science word equation?

The yield is not normally shown in the word equation. It means the amount of a product which you can obtain.

What does it mean for a manufacturers warranty and an extended warranty to overlap?

it means they Both warranties cover the product against the same problems.

What is a multiple meaning word?

A word that can have more than one meaning. For example, the word "rate" can mean the cost per unit charge for a product or service. It can also mean mean to make a judgment on something or someone.

What does the word product mean in a chemical reation?

In a chemical reaction, a product is the compound or elements that are produced by the reaction. In 2H2+O2->2H2O, the product would be the H2O. The product is always on the right side of the equation.

What is the antonym of the word product?

Antonyms of the word product: cause and resource.

Is problems an adverb?

No, the word problems is not an adverb.The word problems is a noun and sometimes an adjective.

What does the scientific word work mean?

in physics, it means the product of a force times a distance, which is an energy.