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Q: What does quarter to 7 mean?
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What does a quarter of 7 mean?


What is a quarter of eight?

2.If you are talking about time, a quarter of eight is 7:45.If you mean quarter, then it is 2

What does a quarter to 7 mean in time?

Time 6:45

What time is seven and a quarter?

If you mean time, as on a clock, it is 7:15 or fifteen minutes past 7:00

A quarter to 7 on a clock?

What is quarter after 9 o'clock

What is one quarter of 28?

1/4 x 28 = 7

What is a quarter of 7?

7 * .25 = 1.75 If discussing time, a quarter of seven would be 6:45 am or pm.

What is a quarter to 8?


Quarter of an ounce?

about 7 grams

What is one quarter of 7?


What is quarter to 8 o'clock?

The time referred to as a quarter to eight is 7:45.

What is a quarter 8?

825 I think A quarter of 8 is 2. A quarter till 8 is 7:45. A quarter past 8 is 8:15. A quarter plus 8 is 8 1/4. A quarter minus 8 is -7 3/4. A quarter divided by 8 is 1/32.

What is a quarter of 17?


What is 2 liters plus 5 and a half liters plus a quarter?

7 and three quarter (7+3/4th)

What time is a quarter to seven?

A quarter to seven is 6:45 because at 6:45 there are fifteen minutes (a quarter of an hour) until 7:00.

What is 1 quarter out of 28?

7 is exactly 1 quarter of 28

What does quarter mean when it has to do with the Revolutionary War?

quarter means to recover from sickness

What does Fourth Quarter mean?

The forth quarter of the phases oh the moon

What is quarter to 7 in digital time?


What is a quarter of 28?


What is 7 45?

It is a quarter to eight o'clock.

What time is a quarter to 7?


How much is a quarter of cannabis?

7 grams

What is the equvalent of a quarter of marijuana?

7 grams

What time is it when it is a quarter to eight?