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A flip over the x-axis on a graph.

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Q: What does reflection mean when its used in math?
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What does reflection in math mean?

backwards image

What does reflection mean in math terms?

It means that when it is flipped over an axis and the image is essentially a mirror image or reflection of what it was.

What is a reflection over a line called in math?

A reflection.

What does a mirror view mean in math?

It refers to the reflection of an object across some line.

The meaning of reflection the math term?

a reflection is the image of the object in a mirror

What is the Japanese word for Reflection?

'Kage,' in addition to referring to shadow(s), can also be used to mean 'reflection,' as in reflection from a mirror/water.

What is the math term for flip?


Homophone for mean are?

the mean used in math

What is the difference between rules of translation and rules of reflection in math?

the difference is that in translation you slide the figure and in reflection you reflect the figure across the reflection line :)

What are the transformations in math?

translation, reflection, dilation

What is an example of a math reflection in real life?

A Mirror

What is a reflection as a math term?

A reflection is when a shape flips completely over. The coordinates of the shape will opposite as well. The reflection can change depending what you are flipping it over.

What is a reflection math wise?

It's like you used a mirror. Ex: ʇ t

Answer for add math project work 4 reflection?

have sex with yourself

When used in math what does reasonableness mean?

how reasonable something is

What is the definition of reflection in math terms?

thank you When an image or shape finds a reflection of itself to where it is an exact copy of that image or shape.

What does it mean for a reflection to be universal?

The reflection is about people or the world in general.

What are doubles in math?

Doubles in math mean the same number twice also used when playing Monopoly.

Can math be used in science?

Depending on what science you mean, quite often it HAS TO be used. Some sciences, such as physics or chemistry, are all about applying math.

What is the reflection in science project?

it is like when you do your math at the end and think back to the begining

How is reflection used in your every day life?

Reflection is used on all objects so we can see them and in mirrors so our reflection bounces off.

What does alogorithm mean in math?

I assume you mean "algorithm". It refers to any systematic method used to solve some problem. Not just in math; the term is used quite a lot in computer science.

How is internal reflection used in the telescope?

It is not used in telescopes. Mirror reflection (from silvered glass) is used to focus light, but that is not internal reflection. In binoculars, internal reflection is used to bend the light beams, and so make the binoculars shorter and easier to hold, and to correct the inversion of the view.

How is math used in math?

math is used to show people the different ways math can be used such as fractions or decimals you name it

Can mirror of your reflection be used in a sentence?

The term "mirror of your reflection" has no meaning, except possibly in prose. The word "reflection" can mean "an image seen in a mirror". Examples: "I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection." "After weeks marooned on the island, he barely recognized his own reflection in the mirror."

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