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it meens you have to be accurateit meens you have to be accurate

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Q: What does reliability mean in terms of audit evidence?
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What does reliability mean in terms of audit evidence Give an Example?

It's the ability of an auditor to give a comprehensive, logical and convincing audit report. A good example of where reliability applies is in cases where there is change in files and backup files are unavailable.

What does Audit Committee Terms of Reference mean?

It's the only way to define, focus and limit the terms of any audit committee Will it simply monitor? Will it try to detect fraud? Will it just balance the books? or any combination of functions

What does reliability mean in terms of accounting?

Reliability is a basic accounting principle, known also as the objectivity principle. The principle means that only transactions that can be verified will be entered into a company's books.

How applied the audit procedure in PIA?

audit procedure we mean that those petren in which we prepare the audit report.

What do you mean by system audit?

System audit is a process of checking and illustrating a system.

What is sales audit trial?

I assume you mean "audit trail". An audit trail is any system set up to check who did what, and when.

What does reasonable assurance mean in audit function?

The key concept is "reasonable" assurance. The auditor does not provide absolute assurance, because this is not attainable due to factors like the need for judgment, the use of testing, the inherent limitations of internal control and the fact that audit evidence is generally persuasive rather than conclusive.

What does integrity mean in a relationship?

reliability, trustworthiness

What does reliability mean in computer science?


What is the prefix of audit mean?

The prefix "audit-" means relating to an official examination or inspection of something, typically financial records or processes.

What does MLC mean as it pertains to an audit?

Management Letter Comment

What does it mean to corroborate a testimony?

Corroborating a testimony means providing additional evidence or testimony that supports or confirms the original testimony given. It helps to strengthen the credibility and reliability of the original testimony by showing consistency and agreement from multiple sources.