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rotating on a fixed point

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Q: What does rotating on an axis mean?
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Related questions

What does rotate and rotation mean?

rotate is moving in a circle around an axis or center. Rotation is the action of rotating around an axis or center.

Is the Earth rotating on an axis?


What is a spindle magnet?

rotating axis

How did the earth get its axis?

The Earth's axis is not a physical thing. Any body that is rotating has an axis of rotation.

Is gravity responsible for the earth's axis?

Not sure what you mean exactly; any rotating object has an axis of rotation.Without gravity, there would basically be no Earth, though.

How does planet earth get its seasons?

from rotating on its axis.

Do outer planets have an axis?

Yes. Any rotating object has an axis of rotation.

Why does the position of the sun in the sky change during the day?

Because the earth is rotating on an axis, and while the earth is rotating on it's axis it rotates around the sun. The earth rotating on it's axis cause day and night whereas the earth rotating around the sun causes the seasons.

Why earth is rotating at its own axis?

Any object that rotates has a tendency to continue rotating.

What if the earth is not rotating on its axis?

Then the world would have no days or nights. We would just be either day or night depending on when the earth stopped rotating on it axis.

How much degree is rotating the earth on its axis?

how much degree the earth ratates on its axis

What is the result of earth rotating on its axis?

Day and Night

Is earth rotating on its axis the longest motion?


Is gravity responsible for the rotating of a planet on its axis?

No. A planet rotates on its axis because it has angular momentum.

What is equal heating?

the cause of earth rotating on it`s axis

What is happening to the Earth at the moment?

It is rotating on its axis and orbiting the sun.

What is catenoids?

A catenoid is the surface generated by rotating a catenary about its axis of symmetry

What is speed of rotation?

The angular speed of an object and the axis about which the object is rotating

How does light arrive on earth?

Earth is rotating on its axis and the sun shines on it

Can a sphere have an axis or is this only possible for planets rotating in space?

a sphere

What is moving in a circular motion called on an axis?

Rotating (spinning) on an axis is what Earth's rotation does in creating day and night.

What is the difference between revolving and rotating?

revolving- When a planet moves around another in circular motion. rotating- When a planet spins on its axis

How can earth be rotating and revolving at the same time?

Earth itself is rotating on a axis and it's revolving around the sun at the same time.

What are advantages of rotating crystal?

In the rotating crystal method, a single crystal is mounted with an axis normal to a monochromatic x-ray beam.

The earth spins on its axis and what else?

In addition to rotating on its axis (spinning), our earth also revolves around the sun (orbits).