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What does rotation mean in maths term?

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It means turning around a fixed point or axis.

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What does term to term rule mean in maths?

Term to Term rule in Maths is how much you go up or down in. e.g 1,2,3,4,5,6 would be +1

What does expression mean in maths term?

A formula with an equal sign

What is lotof mean in maths?

It is not a mathematical term - it is not specific enough.

What does chance mean in maths?

It is a term used it probability which mean the frequency of something occuring

What does term mean in maths?

it means to add and subtract aldrabra questions

What does the math term product mean?

product means X in maths

In maths term what does the medium mean?

it means put them in order then the middle number

What does the word Term mean in maths?

A term is like term one, two, and three. Like report cards that's why you get three.

What does the maths term median mean?

The median is the number directly in the middle of a group of numbers.

What does the term Tn mean in maths?

The answer depends on the context. It could refer to the nth term in a sequence of numbers: T1, T2, ...

What does term to term mean in maths?

it means more like meanings EX:what does mean mean in math meanings or what does mean mean in math terms . so its more like a different way to say it

What is a bearing in maths?

A bearing is a clockwise rotation from the North to the angle of the object.

What are the 4 types of transformation maths?

Dilation, rotation, reflection and translation

How do you find the nth term in maths?

my nth term maths is very tuff because its syallabus is changed

What does position to term rule mean in maths?

In the study of sequences, given a number n, the position to term rule tells you how the nth term of the sequence is calculated.

In maths is there a term call transfiguration?

No, it is not a mathematical term.

Displacement rotation of a geometrical figure in maths?

Displacement and rotation of a geometrical figure.....mayank contact me at my fb

What is the maths term for volume mean?

It is the amount of three dimensional space occupied by a 3-d shape.

What does the maths term prime mean?

A prime number is one whose only factors are 1 and itself.

What does the term rule mean in maths?

Usually another word for some frequently used mathematical formula.

What does equilateral mean in maths?

It is a term used with reference to polygons. It means that all sides of the polygon are equal.

What is nth term position to term rule?

a maths solution

What is pie in maths term?


Which of these letters MATHS show angle of rotation?

They all have line symmetry except S

What does the term 'mensuration in maths' mean?

Mensuration is the act of taking measurements of something, usually geometrically.