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something that increases the amount of the total cost of the item by the government

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Q: What does sales tax mean in math?
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In math how do you multiply sales tax?

multiply the amount of money by the sales tax in decimal form

How do you find sales tax rate in math?

Fancy pants!

What does income tax mean in math?

it means

What is the tax table for 7.85?

I assume you mean how much is the sales tax on $7.85. That depends on the tax rate, which depends on where you are making the purchase. Item price times tax rate = sales tax.

A sales tax on gasoline is and example of what type of tax?

A sales tax on gasoline is an example of sales tax.

How do you Gross up sales tax?

Sales Tax / Sales Tax Rate = Gross Sale

Is sales tax calculated on net sales or gross sales?

It depends on exactly what you mean, but generally, sales tax is figured on net sales. For instance, if you buy an item for $100, but you trade an item for it that is worth $25, you only pay sales tax on the difference of $75, not the entire $100.

What tax is paid by businesses only?

sales tax sales tax!

Tax on gasoline is an example of what type of tax?

sales tax -e2020

How do you find sales tax?

how do you find sales tax

Does Oregon have a sales tax?

Oregon does not have sales tax.

Does minnesota charge sales tax on labor?

No, you do not pay sales tax on labor. Sales tax is for materials.

Percent of sales tax for 1075 and sales tax is 43?

If an item costs $1,075.00 and the value of the sales tax is $43.00, the percentage of sales tax is 4%

Juan's purchase before sales tax was added totaled 46.00 The total including tax was 48.76 What was the sales tax rate?

Total with sales tax $48.76 minus total without sales tax $46.00 = sales tax $2.76. Sales tax $2.76 divided by purchase $46.00 = sales tax rate 6%.

What is the sales tax on 2.49 and the sales tax is 5.5?

The total tax is $0.14

298 with a 6 percent sales tax is what?

IF you mean 6% is added on to the original figure - that's 315.88IF you mean what is 298 before 6% sales tax is added - it's 281.13

Does Montana charge sales tax?

yes Montana has sales tax. there tax is 8.7 sales tax. NO, Montana does NOT have a Sales Tax. Or, to put it another way, there is a 0.0% sales tax. I have lived here for years...I don't pay a sales tax. Whoever said yes, must not live in Montana.

How do you post sales tax payable as journal entry?

debit sales tax expensecredit sales tax payable

What is Texas sales tax?

Maximum sales tax is 8.25%.

Texas sales tax?

Sales tax in Texas is 6.25%.

What is the Pennsylvania sales tax?

PA sales tax is 6%

Does Texas have a sales tax?

Yes, Texas have sales tax.

What is the sales tax for Deerfield Illinois?

The sales tax is 8.00%

What is the sales tax in Portland Oregon?

There is no sales tax in Oregon.

What is the sales tax on 880 when the sales tax is 6.25?