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Seven plus five equals 12.

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Q: What does seven plus five equal?
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What is the denominator of five over twelve plus seven over twelve if the given numerator is equal to seven?


What does five fourths plus seven ninths equal?

2 1/36

What does seven plus six equal?

what does seven plus equal

When does five plus five equal two?

Five plus five is never equal to two.

Five plus five is equal to?

Five plus five equals ten.

1multiply5 plus 2?

The equation one times five plus two would equal seven. This is a math problem.

What do four and seven eigths plus three and three fourths equal?

eight and five eighths

When will two plus two equal five?

two plus two will never equal five you asses

What does seven plus seven equal?


When does five plus five equal five?

When you subtract it behind it.

What is three and seven eighths plus four and five eighths equal?

The sum is 8 1/2 or 8.5

What is 5 plus 0.007 in word form?

5 plus 0.007 = five plus seven thousandths = five and seven thousandths or 5.007

9 plus eight times seven minus 6 times five plus four times three plus two to equal 105?

Nope, it's 49.

What is five plus two-?


What does zero plus negative five equal?

Negative five.

What is seven and one sixth plus five and one fourth plus five and one sixth?

seventeen and seven over twelve

What is seven fifths plus two plus five thirds?

Expressed as a mixed fraction in its lowest terms, 7/5 + 2 + 5/3 is equal to 5 1/15, or five and one fifteenth.

What is the rule in subject agreement apply to this sentence five plus two equals seven?

The subject is implicitly "the result of five plus two", which is singular. As a result the verb is in the singular: equalsrather than equal.

A number is equal to seven decreased by five?

seventy five descreasedby five

What does two plus five equal?


What does five plus six equal?


How does five plus eight equals 1?

Five plus eight does not equal one. It equals thirteen.

Is two plus two equal to five?

No, it is not. Two plus two is equal to 4. There is no other option.

What does 5 plus 2 equal?


What does six over seven plus five over nine equal?

6/7 + 5/9 = 89/63 or 126/63