What does slk mean?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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The name was chosen to reflect the company's intentions for the car - that it be Sportlich (sporty), Leicht (light) and Kompakt (compact).

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Q: What does slk mean?
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What does SLK mean on a car?

Sport-Licht Kurz which is german for Sports Light Short

What do the SLK letters mean on mercedes models?

The SLK letters on a Mercedes Model designated the class or series the car is in. The S means the model is a sports version. The L is for light, and the K means kompressor.

Mean SLK in Mercedes?

The "S" stands for Sport, the "L" stands for ? and the "K" stands for Kurz or short.

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What does slc 14k mean on earrings?

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When was Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class created?

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class was created in 1997.

Total nunber of SLK 320 Made?

Totalnumber of SLK 320 Mercedes Benz were Made?

What does slk mean in gang insignia?

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Is there a website or forum where I can interact with other owners of the Mercedes SLK?

There is a discussion board for the Mercedes SLK at

How do you Reset a 2001 slk 320 maintenance indicator on dash?

clear maint code from 2001 slk 320

How fast is the Mercedes-Benz SLK?

Well the SLK 32AMG is quite fast for the older body style. and the new SLK 55 AMG is INCREDIBLY fast!!! No joke! They stuffed a V-8 in that little car.

Do you have to replace a timing belt on a 1998 Mercedes slk?

The SLK has a timing chain which lasts much longer than a belt.