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Sum of squares of deviations from the mean is small.

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Q: What does small standard deviation signify?
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If the standard deviation is small the data is more dispersed?

No, if the standard deviation is small the data is less dispersed.

What does large standard deviation signify?

That there is quite a large amount of variation between the observations.

Is the standard deviation best thought of as the distance from the mean?

No. A small standard deviation with a large mean will yield points further from the mean than a large standard deviation of a small mean. Standard deviation is best thought of as spread or dispersion.

Where the standard deviation is not applicable?

When the sample size is small

What does standard deviation show us about a set of scores?

Standard Deviation tells you how spread out the set of scores are with respects to the mean. It measures the variability of the data. A small standard deviation implies that the data is close to the mean/average (+ or - a small range); the larger the standard deviation the more dispersed the data is from the mean.

What are the assumptions of standard deviation?

The standard deviation is the standard deviation! Its calculation requires no assumption.

What does the sample standard deviation best estimate?

The standard deviation of the population. the standard deviation of the population.

What is standard deviation of 155.45?

The standard deviation is 0.

If quartile deviation is 24. find mean deviation and standard deviation?

Information is not sufficient to find mean deviation and standard deviation.

What a large standard deviation means?

A large standard deviation means that the data were spread out. It is relative whether or not you consider a standard deviation to be "large" or not, but a larger standard deviation always means that the data is more spread out than a smaller one. For example, if the mean was 60, and the standard deviation was 1, then this is a small standard deviation. The data is not spread out and a score of 74 or 43 would be highly unlikely, almost impossible. However, if the mean was 60 and the standard deviation was 20, then this would be a large standard deviation. The data is spread out more and a score of 74 or 43 wouldn't be odd or unusual at all.

What combination of factors will produce the smallest value for the standard error?

A small sample and a large standard deviation

What is the standard deviation of a standard normal distribution?

The standard deviation in a standard normal distribution is 1.

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