What does sufferage mean?

Updated: 9/27/2022
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1: a short intercessory prayer usually in a series2: a vote given in deciding a controverted question or electing a person for an office or trust3: the right of voting : franchise; also : the exercise of such right

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Q: What does sufferage mean?
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The term sufferage refers to?


The term sufferage refers to the?

The right to vote

What were the two justifications for property qualifications for sufferage?

your mamma

What are the release dates for Who Knew - 2010 Women's Sufferage 2-19?

Who Knew - 2010 Women's Sufferage 2-19 was released on: USA: 26 August 2010

Who was the woman named Cary relative to sufferage?

Carry Nation

In which movement was isabel sorjourner truth an active leader?


What was Jacksonian Democracy based on?

white man sufferage

What are amendments 13-26?

they are abolition and african american male sufferage

What is universal adult sufferage?

adult suffrage is when people have the right to vote

What is the right for all adult males to vote called?

Universal Sufferage

The women's movement that helped secure the right to vote was called?

the sufferage movement.

Why did Bismarck give sufferage to males?

to make the world even for some people