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the answer to an addition problem

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Q: What does sum mean in math?
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What the sum mean in math terms?

sum means the answer of a math problem

What does the sum of mean in math?

the sum ofsomething in math mean well frankly i dont know because it wont tell me on this site!

What does sum mean in algebra 1?

Sum is the answer. Just like in regular math.

What is sum mean in math?

When you add two or more numbers together, the answer you get is called the sum.

What does it mean in math when it says what is the total?

When a math question asks for the total, it is looking for the sum as an answer.

What does rato mean in math?

It means the ratio of the sum of your answer:)

What does averige mean in math?

In math, the average can be found by dividing the sum of the data by the number of items.

What is the math formula for mean?

Sum of numbers/Count of numbers.

What does the math rearm mean mean?

The sum of the data divided by the number of pieces of data

What is a sum in a multiplication math problem?

The product is the "sum" of a multiplication math problem.

What is a sum in math?

A sum is the answer to addition

What does sum means in math?

Sum is adding

What does compensation mean in math?

Compensation in math means, adding and subtracting the same number to make the sum or difference easier to find.

In math what does compensation mean?

Compensation in math means, adding and subtracting the same number to make the sum or difference easier to find.

What is the math meaning of the word mean?

The mean is when you calculate the sum of a list of numbers and then you didvide by the number of numbers in the list.

How you do mean in math?

Sum together all the observations. Count the number of observations. Divide the sum by the count.

What does the mean mean in a math question?

The mean of a set of values is the average value. It is calculated as the sum of the values divided by the number of values.

What does the math term average mean?

average means _ + _ = _ then you divide the sum by the amout of #'s in the problem.

What does the term surface area mean in math?

The surface area is the sum of all the shapes' area

What does quotient mean for math dividing in fractions?

In division, the quotient means the answer, the sum, difference, or product.

What does complimentary mean for math?

Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees are said to be complementary.

What does total amount mean in math?

The final sum, difference, product or quotient. Usually, it's the answer.

How do you find the sum in a math problem?

"sum" means addition.... +

What is sum in math it is addition or subraction?

Sum is addition.

What is a sign of a sum in math?