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Q: What does tenuto symbol look like?
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What does halal symbol look like?

what does the halal symbol look like?

What does a Gurdwara symbol look like?

there is no symbol of the gurdwara

What is a tenuto?

A tenuto is a musical articulation mark or musical direction directing that a note or passage is to be held for the full time.

What is the at smybol look like?

The 'at' symbol is @ .

What does a A sharp symbol look like?


What do a declarative symbol look like?

The declarative symbol is a period. .

What does and open switch symbol look like?

open switch symbol

What does the atomic symbol look like for oxygen?

the atomic symbol of oxygen looks like this 0

What does the drachma symbol look like?

The symbol for the drachma was GDR and it had the number 300.

What is the name of the symbol that look like this?

I cant

What does a symbol of understanding look like?

its a dove -

What does Apollymi's symbol look like?

the sun.