What does the 235 mean in U-235?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What does the 235 mean in U-235?
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How many neutrons are in Element 92?

Element number 92 is Uranium and there are two main isotopes - U235 and U238. In U235 there are 92 protons so there are 235 - 92 = 143 neutrons. In U238 there are thus 146 neutrons

Is uranium 235 a state in which matter flows as it takes the shape of a container?

The question is asking if U235 a liquid or a gas. It is a solid and does not flow.

What is oralloy?

Oralloy is an acronym for "Oak Ridge Alloy". Which is an alloy of Uranium 235 and Uranium 238. The U235 is the fissile isotope that is used in fission type nuclear weapons. The actual concentration is classified, but generally U235 is greater than 90%.

Is the uranium-235 isotope the most commonly used fuel in fission power plants?

Yes U235 is the fissionable isotope of Uranium. Natural Uranium contains only about 0.7 percent U235, which is enough to produce fission only with a good moderator such as graphite or heavy water. In light water reactors the Uranium has to be enriched to about 4 percent U 235.

What is fuel enrichment - nuclear?

Natural uranium contains approx 0.7 percent U235, the rest U238. The 235 is the useful fissile isotope. Some reactors using graphite or heavy water can use natural uranium, but light water reactors need to have the U235 proportion increased to about 4 percent. this is called enrichment.

What is being done to reverse nuclear power?

You can't reassemble the U235 nucleus after it has fissioned, so you can't put nuclear power into reverse.

What is the multiple of 235?

if you mean lcm of 2,3 and 5 it is 30. If you mean multiples of 235, it is 235, 470, 705, 940, 1175, 1410 etc

What is the arithmetic mean in 175 between 235?

arithmetic mean is the average (175+235) / 2 = 205

How much U235 is needed for a nuclear bomb?

U-235 18.4Kg (a sphere 12.6cm diameter) will do, probably less.P-239 6.4Kg (a sphere 9.2cm diameter) will do, probably less.Nucleonics Fundamentals, McGraw Hill 1959, page 313

What are the relative amounts of U-238 and U-235 found in fuel rods?

It depends on the type of reactor you're using. For light-water reactors, the most common type of reactor, the ratio of U235/U238 is usually around 3.5%.

Why is large mass of uranium-235 needed for a chain reaction?

Each time a U235 atom decays, it emits 2-3 neutrons. The likelihood that one of these neutrons is captured by another U235 atom INCREASES with more mass. The SHAPE of this mass will also play a role, imagine a thin wire of U235, compared to a sphere, with regards to how likely a chain reaction will occur. Neutron reflection can also help redirect an errant neutron back into the mass so it can react instead. Compression (increase of density) plays a role as well.

What is upper sub-critical limit for U235 mass?

The critical mass depends on the shape; I don't think there is an upper limit to that.For the case of a sphere, the critical mass for U-235 is 52 kg. The corresponding diameter of the sphere is 17 cm.