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Rx symbolizes prayer to the god of medicine-Jupiter

in Latin it means "recipe-take thou",i.e., 'take it in the name of god"

It is always written in upper left corner of prescription page.

The National Drug store chain:"Rexall"originated in 1904 by Louis K. Liggett.

The name was derived from the words 'Rx to all' or "pharmacy care to all' -T.P.

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Q: What does the Rx symbol mean on the pharmacy signs?
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What does the symbol Rx at the beginning of a prescription mean?


Where can you buy concerta?

At the pharmacy. You need an Rx for it.

Why doctors write Rx?

℞ is a symbol meaning file "prescription". It is sometimes transliterated as "Rx" or just "Rx".

How do you abbreviate the word Pharmacy?

You could use Rx as an abbreviation

Can you take Percocet while on coumadin?

For serious questions regarding your Rx, call a pharmacy, not Wiki, please. It doesn't have to be your pharmacy.

What do pharmacy technicians do?

Basic duties of pharmacy technicians in Ontario include greeting the patient, taking all of their information (DOB, allergies, drug plans), inputting this and Rx (prescription) info into a computer, counting, packaging and labelling the Rx, and mixing the Rx if it is a compound (cream or lotion). In addition, pharmacy technicians assist pharmacist in so many things and take care of the drug store when necessary. They are one of the reasons to the success of a pharmacy and so far, I haven't seen any pharmacy without any pharmacy technician working.

What is the enterprise rx computer system?

Enterprise Rx is a pharmacy workflow system created by McKesson. It prioritize prescription workflow by promise date and time.

Can a doctor's secretary give you your prescriptions?

Your RX must be signed by the Dr. If the Secretary has a signed RX, she can either fax or call it into the pharmacy, but it must be ordered by your Dr.

What is the website CanadaPharmacy about?

The website CanadaPharmacy is an online pharmacy based in Canada, which allows (uninsured) people from the USA to order both Rx and non-Rx medicications.

Can you buy Percocet legally?

With a legit Rx from a medical doctor - you can buy them ay any pharmacy.

Where can you buy lidocaine patches?

Lidocaine patches (aka Lidoderm) can be purchased at a pharmacy with a Drs rx.

How do you use a presceiprion rx number to get a refill?

If you call your local retail pharmacy, you can use your Rx number to place a refill. You may receive a refill only if the original prescription states that there are refills; if not, the pharmacy will call the prescribing doctor for authorization on another refill.

Where did Rx originate?

Rx is a symbol that is used for a medical prescription written by a doctor. It originates from the Latin word recipe and it means to take.

What does Rx mean in medicine?

Rx is used in place of the word: "prescription"

What does Tx and Rx mean?

Tx and Rx - are shorthand for 'transmit' and 'receive'.

For pharmacy benefits what is 401K?

I don't see how a 401 K - Retirement Plan applies to Rx benefits.

How many prescriptions are written every year in the US?

40 billion Rx. / year. [ Pharmacy Practice . . . . . ]

Meaning of Rx and red line in pharma?

rx mean take theser

Is there a pharmacy in Albany NY that will fill a Rx for compound medicine?

Fallon Wellness Pharmacy 1057 troy-Schenectady Rd. Latham, NY 12110 1-800-890-1137

What is the ticker symbol for IMS Health Incorporated?

The ticker symbol for IMS Health Incorporated is RX and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What does Rx mean on your medicine bottle?

Rx simply means that patient needs to take the following medicine.

What does the Rx mean on the fax machine?


How much would promethazine cost with health insurance?

That will depend on your insurance carrier and whether or not the pharmacy you use is Network. Call the RX carrier number on the back of your card and ask or ask the pharmacy to check your benefits for you.

What does the eye of Horus symbolize in medicine?

The 'Rx' symbol which is used by pharmacies and in medicine has its origins in the Eye of Horus.

Does Rx stand for any god in mythology?

Rx is a symbol used in Egyptian mythology for the ancient Egyptian sky god, Horus, whose eyes were said to be the sun and the moon. His right eye was the sun, and his left eye was the moon. Rx symbolized the left eye, the moon, which was known as the "Eye of Horus." The symbol is used by pharmacies and in the field of medicine, and represents the Eye of Horus in that aspect.