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In each word pair, the first word is a "part" of the second word which is the "whole".


The elbow is part of the arm as the knee is part of the leg.

Keys are part of a piano as strings are a part of a violin.

A stem is part of a flower the way that a trunk is part of a tree.

The hands are part of a clock just as a needle is a part of a speedometer.

Notes are part of a song just as words are part of a story.

The United States is part of North America just as France is part of Europe.

A steering wheel is part of a car the way that a rudder is part of a sailboat.

Brush strokes are part of a painting the way that pencil marks are part of a drawing.

Sausage is part of a pizza the way that lettuce is part of a taco.

Tusks are part of an elephant the way that horns are part of a bull.

Lead is part of a pencil the way that ink is part of a pen.

Fins are related to a fish the way that wings are related to a bird.

A clasp is related to a necklace the way that a buckle is related to a belt.

Raindrops are part of a flood the way that snowflakes are part of a blizzard.

A week is part of a month the way that a month is part of a year.

A blade is part of an ice skate the way that wheels are a part of a roller skate.

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Q: What does the analogy part and whole mean?
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What type of analogy is English is to language?

Part of whole

What is an example of part to whole in analogy?

Soldier : Army Player : Team Student : Class

Examples of part or whole in analogy?

fingers - hand as toes - foot foot-toes

What are the four basic analogy types?

Part to Whole: where one word is a part or piece of another eg. finger is to hand like star is to galaxy.Synonym Analogy: Two pairs of words are synonyms and you are to determine the missing synonym. eg. alter: change draw: illustrateAntonym Analogy: an antonym is an opposite. In this pair you have to determine the opposite word. eg. clean: dirtycharacteristic analogy: where one word is a characteristic of another eg. sweet: chocolate

What does math term part to whole mean?

A part to whole is, essentially, a ratio. 2:10 is a ratio---it could also be 2(the part) to 10(the whole). The part is how much the part is in comparison to the whole-1/2 could be the part, while 1 is the whole.

What is a whole to part analogy?

car - steering wheel as sailboat - rudder pizza - slice as ice cream - scoop musical note - song as word - story

What is the name for whole numbers?

If you mean part of whole numbers, its fractions. If you just mean another word for whole numbers, i think its just...whole numbers.

What part of a house might be an analogy for an organ?


What analogy is Washington D.C?

What do you mean by "analogy"? Do you mean the acronym "D.C"? If so, it means District of Columbia. If you mean something else, I'm not sure I understand.

What does mocho mean in atalian?

Missing part of a whole, incomplete

What is a good analogy for a endoplasmic reticulum?

A good analogy for ER is a hospital. It is a good analogy because they are all trying to play their part

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Percentage means a part or whole out of one hundred.