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Q: What does the circle with dots around it means on 190e dash?
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What is the meaning of a circle with dash line around it on front panel of MB 190e?

Brake pad warning light

Where are the fuses for the dashboard light on a Mercedes 190E?

Where and how do you change the fuse for the dash bord lighting sytem in the 1993 190e 2.3l

What is the dashboard light with the letter i inside a circle on a 2016 Honda CRV?

On Hondas with a "split dash" a symbol of a lowercase i inside a circle on the upper dash means look down on the lower dash for further information on its lights. It is "i" for "information".

What does it mean when a light comes on in your dash that is a circle and there is 3 dashes on each side of the circle?

It means check your brake pads

What does a yellow circle with dashes around it on your mini cooper mean?

It adjusts the dash lights

Dash icon circle with 3 dashes on each side?

It means check your brake pads. Here is an image for reference

What do all the dash board warning lights mean on a 1989 190e 2.6 Mercedes Benz?

what do all the dash board warning lights mean on a1989 mercedes benz

What does this symbol mean circle with three dashes around both sides on a vw jetta dash?

The symbol that has a circle with three dashes around both sides on a vow Jetta dash is a light. The light is a brake pad indicator. Which is letting you know you need to change your front brakes soon.

1993 Mercedes 190E the left blinker on the panel in dash does not light up but does work outside but the right blinker works fine what to do?

Sounds like the light bulb is either loose or burned out in the dash. Replace it.

I have an Audi a4 2004 what is the symbol in the dash board that is a triangle with a circle around it mean?

when you press it, your lights blink signaling others to not wait behind you and go around you instead.

What does the exclamation in a circle mean in the dash?

low tire warning

What does a dash mean?

a dash signal means through