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Q: What does the dialogue in paragraphs 56-60 tell you about the older man's internal motivation?
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What is the Effect of population in economic development?

The effect such as economies of scale and specialization, the possible spur to favourable motivation caused by increase dependancy, and the more favourable attitudes , capacities ,and motivation of younger populations compared with older ones

What are causes of iron-deficiency anemia in older men other than internal bleeding?


What the most difficult thing about adult education?

Motivation to learn. As the a man gets older, He looses interest in the things he should have done earlier in life

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It all depends on how your parents raise you and on yourself because of the motivation and childhood mentality. There are a lot of factors to determine whether or not this might happen but it is not definite.

Is age an internal or enternal conflict?

Age is considered an internal conflict because it is a personal characteristic that individuals experience within themselves as they grow older. It can lead to internal struggles related to self-perception, identity, and coping with physical and mental changes.

What am I supposed to do when the best part of me don't want to study?

It's normal to struggle with motivation sometimes. Try breaking down your study tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, taking breaks when needed, and finding study techniques that work best for you. Remind yourself of your goals and the importance of your education to help rekindle your motivation.