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Q: What does the expression keep your eye on the eight ball mean?
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What does eight birds together mean?

I believe that eight crows constitute a "murder of crows". It is an old English expression.

What do you mean by the idiomatic expression - keep a person in the dark?

It means to keep them unaware, to keep them from finding out the truth.

What does keep your eye on the ball mean?

To keep your focus on your main goal or objective.

What does an eight ball tattoo on the wrist mean?

Eight ball tattoos have many meanings, depending on the persons intent behind it. It could stand for a very good player of pool, or it could stand for an eight ball of cocaine (1/8 ounce)

What does 'soldier on' mean?

Soldiers fight -- this expression means "fight on," or "keep working as hard as you can."

What does that's the way the ball bounces mean?

It is a reference to chance and probability. If you bounce a ball on a surface, which way will it go? The answer is not known with certainty. So you take this expression to mean "I do not know with any degree of certainty".

What does a tattoo of a eight ball on your wrist mean?

Luck, Chance, Hope, Gambling, Predicting the future? Think about the purpose of an 8 ball...

What does eye on the ball mean?

If you "keep an eye" on anything, that just means you are watching it.

What does the expression more grease to your elbow mean?

Keep it up. Go on with your efforts - your are making good progress

What does the expression mine to keep mean?

The expression 'mine to keep' means that a certain object is already owned by the person. It can be clearly explained using the phrase 'finders keepers, losers weepers'. Once a person finds something, it is his for the keeping.

What does the name Vyto mean?

the name vyto is a boys name,its origin of name is spanish it means intelligent and its expression number is eight.

What does juggel mean?

Juggle means to keep the ball on your Thais or legs without dropping it.