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Too smart for your own good.

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Q: What does the expression too clever by half mean?
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What does the expression 'not too clever' mean?

generally accepted as meaning "dumb", a dim bulb or not the sharpest knife in the drawer

What does the expression throw down mean?


What does this expression mean one too many times?

it simlply means too many

Sentence with the word clever at the end?

You are just too clever.

What does the phrase 'not too clever' mean?

Well, it means in part, "not too smart." It could be used as an overall negative statement that reflects an individuals general intelligence, or it could be specific to an idea. For example, His idea of how to approach the situation was not too clever. Once again, "not too smart."

What does the expression GO A LITTLE TOO FAR mean?

"Go a little too far" means someone has gone beyond their realm of comfort.

What does the expression The horse has left the barn mean?

It's a figure of speech meaning that it is too late for something.

What does the Greek expression medan agen mean?

"Meden agan " ( "nothing too much") means Everything in Moderation.

What is the value of your half dollar?

That depends on which half dollar you mean. This question is far too vague to give a specific answer.

Who said 1 plus 1 equals 3?

Either someone who wanted to make a point about synergy and used a dubious mathematical equation to support their thesis, or someone who was too clever by half!

Can you use the expression today too?

You can use the expression "today, too, as in "I had work today, too" or "It's hot today, too," meaning "today as well as yesterday."

Who played the too-clever computer hacker in WarGames?

Matthew Broderick