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What does the expression word mean?

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When someone is using "word" as an expression, ussualy have some of the following meanings :

"I agree"

"On my word" or

"I am a man of my word/you are a man of your word"?

"You have my word on it"

2008-07-23 05:31:38
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Q: What does the expression word mean?
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What does the word assent mean?

It is the expression of approval

What does the word condolences mean?

Condelence:An expression of sympathy .

What does Agurang mean?

agurang is a word from the malays or a expression of malays

What does the word phrase mean?

A short written or spoken expression.

What does the Japanese word atta mean?

It is an expression used to say "there it is".

What does transitional expression mean?

A word or a phrase that shows the meaning to a sentence

What is an expression with the word chicken to mean not young person?

He/she was no spring chicken.

What does shakespeare mean by the word alas?

It's an expression of regret or sadness.

What does the word product mean in an algebra expression?

It means the result of a multiplication.

What does this word effusive mean?

an expression of great or excessive emotion or enthusiasm

What does the expression mums the word mean?

"Mum's the word" means don't discuss what you are doing with anyone.

What does is in an expression mean?

In a word problem, the word 'is' most likely means that two quantities are equal.

What does the word huzzaed mean?

Cheered. "Huzza!" is an expression like "Hooray!" or "Yay!"

What does the word algebraic expression mean?

algebraic expression is a mathematical phrase that can contain ordinay numbers variable like (x,y)

What does the slang word Boffo mean?

Old time expression for a big hit, a success.

What does the word evaluate mean?

It means to find the numerical value of some mathematical expression.

What does the word shaabongkoo mean?

shaabongkoo is the expression of happiness, anger and any feeling you can think of.

How you use the word run of the mill?

When you mean ordinary or normal you could use that expression.

What is an abrical expression of b plus 14?

There is no such word as "abrical".The algebraic expression for b plus 14 is b + 14

What does the German word koninkigke marine mean?

koninkigke marine is not a German expression. The closest expression would be königliche Marine which translates as Rozal Navy.

What does the word value mean in math?

Word value is the expression of numbers or figures into words. For example: 55=fifty five.

What does the German word Ihweiss mean in English?

Ihweiss is not a German word. The closest expression is ich weiss which translates as I know.

What does the German word Outta mean?

Outta is not a German word, I only know it as an English expression for out of.I'm outta here!

What does the french word am oi mean?

"à moi" means "help me", literally "(come) to me". "am oi" is not a French word or expression.

What is expression mean?

Expression can mean you're saying something, but overreacting, and don't mean it. Expression also is a look a on someones face.