What does the fifth of May mean?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does the fifth of May mean?
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What does it mean to take the fifth?

The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that a person may not be forced to incriminate himself . To take the fifth, means that you want to use that right. Taking the fifth, may not be used as an admission of guilt.

What does the baby name Quinitin mean?

I don't know about Quinitin, but Quintin means "fifth". It's a good name for the fifth child of a family or a boy born in May, the fifth month.

What does cico de mayo mean in English?

cinco de mayo is fifth of may

What month is the fifth?

May is the fifth month

What is the importance of fifth May in India?

2013 fifth may is a sunday.A holiday.

What does you pleyed the fifth?

Do you mean what does it mean to plead the fifth? This would refer to your fifth amendment right not to say anything that would be self-incrementing.

What is the horoscope of fifth month?

The fifth month is May, the Sun signs for May are Taurus and Gemini.

What is the fifth month of the year?

The fifth month of the year is May.

When is the fifth day of the fifth month in 2015?

You mean when was- it was the 5th of this month.

What does Viva El Cinco de Mayo mean in English?

It means "Long live the Fifth of May," translated from Spanish.

What does fifth mean?

In a sequence, the one after the fourth.Fifth is an ordinal number. It means the number five item in a series."A fifth" can mean one of five equal parts of the whole. It can also mean a fifth of a gallon of whiskey.

Is many the fifth moth of the year?

Yes, may is the fifth month of the year