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Q: What does the first number in the 20-20-20 rule stand for?
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What is the subtractions rule?

Biggest number goes first

What is the rule for finding a number in the second row of the table if you know the corresponding number in the first row?

The rule for finding a number in the second row of the table is not provided in the question.

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Horizontal Rule

What does wrol stand for?

without rule of law

What do crip stand for?

C^RIP stand for C^rips rule insane piru

What is the rule if the in number 15 and if the out number is 45 what is the rule?

Multiply by 3 !

What is the rule and the next number in 141664?

The rule is x4 and the next number is 256

How do you find the 50th term in a number sequence?

You first have to figure out some rule for the sequence. This can be quite tricky.

What is customer service number for flight club?

The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club

What does NN LN stand for in short hand rule?


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The first public stand against slavery in the Americas was in 1688 by the Quakers in Germantown, PA. They argued from the Golden Rule and from the principle against stealing, stealing other humans. The document was rediscovered twice, in 1844 and in 2005.

Shannon developed a rule for generating a number sequencethe first 6 numbers are 7 21 42 126 252 756 what is shannon rule for finding the number in her sequence?

multiply by 3, then multiply by 2 and repeat