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It means greater than or equal to

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2016-08-23 14:38:55
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Q: What does the greater sign mean with a line under it?
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What does the line under a greater or less sign mean?

The less-than sign alone means "less than"; if there is a line below, it means "less than or equal".

What is the sign for greater than or equal to?

greater than is

What does At least mean in math terms?

"At least" is expressed with the "greater or equal" sign, for example, x >= 100. (I don't know how to draw the greater-or-equal sign here - it is a horizontal line beneath the greater sign).

How are greater than and less than signs mean?

They mean that the expression to the left of the sign is greater than or less than (as appropriate) the expression to the right of the sign.

What inequality sign no less than?

"No less than" is the same as "greater than or equal": write the greater-than sign, with a line (similar to an underline) underneath.

2s plus 5 and gt with line under the greater sign 49?

2s + 5 [ge] 49 (ge stands for "greater than or equal to")2s [ge] 44 s [ge] 22 That is, s is greater than or equal to 22.

How do you sign a check as the agent under a power of attorney?

You sign the principal's name on the signature line and under the line write "by (your name) as attorney-in-fact under a Power of Attorney dated 1/1/2010"

What does being born under the astrological sign mean?

"Born under an astrological sign" usually refers to the Sun sign a person is born under.

What is measured by the sign of a z-score?

The sign of the z score is negative if the observation was below the mean and positive if it was greater.

Why must you flip the inequality symbol when?

I suspect you mean the signs < and > meaning "less than" or "greater than". (There is no flip of the inequality sign, which is an equals sign with a line through it). You have to flip when you multiply a "greater or less than" eqequation if you multiply the equatiob through by -1. Example: you have 2>1, and -2<-1.

What does it mean to have a dark line down your belly is it a pregnancy sign?

no , its not

What is the ancient symbol for mercury?

at the top there is a curved line and a circle under it and under the circle is a plus sign.

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