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Q: What does the indices 1 represent?
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Plural of indices?

The word "indices" is already plural, so the plural form is still the same word. The singular form is "index", e.g. One index, two indices, 24 indices, 1,000 indices.

Is indices singular and plural?

"indices" is plural of "index".

What are the 5 laws of exponent?

Exponents are the same as powers or indices and so:- When multiplying terms add the indices: y2*y6 = y8 When dividing terms subtract the indices: x6/x2 = x4 Powers of powers multiply the the indices: (p2)3 = p6 Square root of: d8 = d8/2 = d4 Cube root of: p15 = p15/3 = p5 Remember:- Anything to the power of 0 is 1: x0 = 1 Anything to the power of 1 is just itself: x1 = x 1 raised to any power is just 1: 110 = 1

Is indices singular?

nope , cause the singular of indices is index!.

Is indices singular or plural?

Indices is the plural form of the noun index.

What is the singular word for indices?

The singular form for the plural noun indices is index.

Give a sentence for the word indices?

The indices of deprivation are high with associated poor health.

What is a index for?


What is the refractive indices of glass water air and immersion oil?

· The refractive indices of watero Water (0° C) 1.33346Water (100° C) 1.31766Water (20° C) 1.33283· The refractive indices of immersion oil is 1.518· The refractive indices of air is 1.000277· The refractive indices of glass is 1.518

What is 3 to the power of 1 multiplied by 3 to the power of minus 2 expressed in positive indices?

First of all, 31 is 3. Now 3-2 is 1/32, which is 1/9. So the answer is 3/9, or 1/3. If by positive indices you mean positive exponents, that would be 1/31, because 1 plus -2 is -1, so you get 3-1 which is 1/31.

What happens to indices when the same bases are multiplied together?

Add the two indices and leave the base number as it is

What are red blood cell indices used to diagnose?

The indices are used to help in the differential diagnosis of anemia.