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any member of a set of positive whole numbers (1.2.3.)

negative whole numbers (-1,-2,-3, ) and zero(0).

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Q: What does the math word integers mean?
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What does breakeven point mean in math?

breaking even in integers

What does consecutive mean as a math word?

in unbroken or logical sequence. 2 and 3 are consecutive integers. 6 and 8 are consecutive even numbers.

What does integers mean in math terms?

An integer is a number which does not have a decimal part at all.

What does the word multi digit mean in math?

It means having more than one digit. In the context of decimal integers it means a number greater than 9.

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What does dividing integers mean?

Integers are whole numbers. Dividing integers is simply dividing whole numbers. Dividing 9 by 3 is dividing two integers, as is dividing 28 by 7. Dividing integers is one of the easiest of math problems you will encounter suring school.

What are names for numbers in math?


What is a math lesson?

it is a lesson in the subject of Math; it teches you something math related such as, integers.

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What is the symbol for integers were does it came from and what does s it mean?

The symbol for the set of integers is Z from the German word "zahl" = integer.