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It has something to do with the thickness of the noodle

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The numbers are not actually sizes, they're more of a product code that the manufacturer uses for product reference. I suppose they could be used for size reference but it will vary from company to company.

For example, for Barilla-brand pasta, the lower the number, the thinner. So a #1 is capellini (Thin, in America known as "Angel hair"), while a #13 is bavette. However, I have found that most pasta manufacturer's numbers are relatively the same. So to answer your question in the discussion as well, #8 is thicker than a #6.

Many Italian-made and imported brands will opt to use a more-or-less standard sizing convention, like capellini, bavette, spaghettini, bucatine, bavattine, etc.

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Q: What does the number 6 or number 8 mean on spaghetti packages?
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