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It looks the same as ours, 9. Hope this helps(:

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Q: What does the number 9 look like in Chinese?
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What does 13 9 look like as a mixed number?

13/9 is 1 4/9 as a mixed number.

What does 9.2 look like in a mixed number?

It looks like:9 1/5

What number symbolizes longevity in Chinese?


What does a employment identification number look like?

Your ss# - 9 digets.

What does the number 50 billion look like?

9 0's so50,000,000,000

What does 9 over 5 look like as a mixed number?

1 4/5

What do the Chinese believe about the number 9?

The number 9 in Chinese is written as 九 [jiǔ]. It has the same pronunciation with the character 久, which means lasting long. And the number 9 is the biggest in uni-digits, so it is often used to represent the long life.

Why is much in the forbidden city based the number 9?

The Chinese word for "everlasting" resembles 9

How does the joint look like?

the joints look like as if they were 9 apples

Does 9 mean love?

To the Chinese, 9 is close to a word that means'long - lasting'. To the Japanese 9 is sounds like a word that 'suffering'.

What does a nine look like?


What is roman numeral 9 look like?

9 = IX