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The length around a flat figure or the sum of its sides.

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What does perimiter mean in maths?

Add all of the sides of the shape together and you have the perimeter.

What is a perimeter in maths?

It's the distance all the way around, and not only in maths.

How do you work out the perimeter of a triangle with expressions?

ask your maths teacher

Where do you get extra maths questions for class 7?

perimeter is circle is called ------

Is Minecraft maths?

Minecraft is good because it teaches you the perimeter and how to survive

How can you tell perimeter from area?

area is the outside of the shape, to get it, add all sides together. perimeter is the diagnal. i learnt that in 7th grade maths. :)

What does fence mean area or perimeter?


In maths what does inverse mean?

its mean the opposite

What does permiter mean?

I think you mean the *perimeter ;) The perimeter is the length of the outside of any given shape.

What is the Role of 3 in maths example like past tense present tense future tense in English?

Role of 3 in maths length, breath, height triangle area, perimeter, volume

What does perimeter of figures mean?

The perimeter of a figure is the sum of its lengths around it.

What does the perimeter mean?

Perimeter means the distance around the outside of a shape.

What does epression mean in maths?

A expression in maths is a collection of terms without an equality sign.

What is the word that begins with c that is used in maths for shapes?

Are you thinking of circumference? That's what one might call the "perimeter" of a circle.

What are the answers for maths mate blue sheet 1 term 1?

Use a ruler to find the perimeter of the square in inches

What is a maths quotient mean?


What does this symbol mean in maths?

What symbol

What does intersect mean in maths?

humairaa is the answer

What does times mean in maths?


What does poprtion mean in maths?

Related to.

In maths what does per mean?

" for each "

What does figure mean in maths?


What does decimal mean in maths?


What does arrowhead mean in maths?


What does composite in maths mean?


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