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if you earn a penny and you save it

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Q: What does the proverb a penny saved is a penny gained mean?
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What does a penny saved a penny earned mean?

A penny earned is a penny saved means the money you save (and you don't spend) then it is earned. Because you don't waste it so it's practically saved.

What does this proverb mean a bad penny always turns up?

always turns up

What does penny mean?

a penny means that it is a kind of coin that is worth 1 cent.

What does it mean. Keep a tight hold on the pursetrings?

Live within your budget. "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned". "Save for a rainy day".

What does the saying a penny saved is a penny earned?

it mean you shouldn't waste money because you have earned it and you should not want to throw away something you earn right away.

What is the history of a penny saved is a penny earned?

What Benjamin Franklin ment was any penny you don't waste is the same as earning a penny. Pennies don't mean much anymore, so think of it as $10. Basically, not wasting $10 is the same as earning $10.

What does the proverb Two is company three is none mean?

this proverb means the odd man out.

What does the original Hebrew word for proverb mean?

Proverb is "pitgam". But the Biblical book is called "mishlei".

What does modern day proverb mean?

not sure

What is old mothers proverb and what does it mean?

Old mothers proverb was that if one of you leave, the other must leave without him

What does expanding a proverb mean?

If you mean by adding more details then I strongly suggest you lease well alone, you may alter the whole meaning of the proverb. My suggestion is to fully understand what the writer is saying. There may be symbolic meanings in the work that need to be understood. Certain phrasings may need to be comprehended, for what was meant when the proverb was written may not mean the same thing today. Who is the proverb talking to and does it apply to you.

What does the proverb you are a box of birds mean?

box of birds