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a scale factor looks like a proportion but in the end it just looks like a ratio.

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Q: What does the scale factor look like?
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How do you find the scale factor of a cylinder?

how to do a scale factor of cylinder is that you find the base and the height and the length of A area hope you like my examples.

How do you dilate a scale factor?

You increase the scale factor.

How does a scale factor relate to a scale factor?


What are the relationship between the area scale factor and the side length scale factor of similar figures?

The area scale factor is the square of the side length scale factor.

What does a kelvin scale look like?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Kelvin scale in comparison to degrees Celsius scale".

How does scale factor relate to perimeter?

Scale factor and perimeter are related because if the scale factor is 2, then the perimeter will be doubled. So whatever the scale factor is, that is how many times the perimeter will be enlarged.

What is the scale factor of a 3 sided shape?

1 shape cannot have a scale factor. A scale factor is something (a factor) that relates one shape to another.

How do you find a scale factor of a triangle?

To find the scale factor of two triangles, look first for one pair of corresponding sides--one side from the smaller triangle and the corresponding side from the larger triangle. Divide the larger side length by the smaller side length, and that quotient is your scale factor.

What is the name of the common ratio of corresponding sides of similar figures?

The scale factor.The scale factor.The scale factor.The scale factor.

How do you find a scale factor?

A scale Factor is Algbrea so you have to... x - + and/or divided.

How do you figure out the scale factor of a circle?

how do you find the scale factor of two circles

What is the scale factor of 24 ft?

A scale factor requires two measures.