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Q: What does the sign that means hold note longer than value?
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What hold the note or rest longer than its normal value?

A fermata will tell you to hold a note or a chord longer than its regular value It looks like a semicircle with a dot under it and it goes over the note to be held

What sign is used to hold a note for longer than its normal value?

A fermata.

When you see a fermata it means?

It means to pause. Usually, the note with the fermata is sustained for a little longer than the note value itself.

Hold the note its full value?

It means to hold a note for the proper length of time. For example, if you have a quarter note, hold it right up to the next beat; don't cut it short. In music notation, the articulation mark "tenuto" (a straight line over the note) means to hold the note for its full value (or even slightly longer). It often appears over individual notes, but when a phrase is played tenuto, the notes are played to their full length, but still articulated separately (with tonguing, if played on a wind instrument), unlike legato, where the the notes transition smoothly with no stress on any individual note.

What music sign that means to hold a note for its full value?

It is called a Beiner Borg

What does the musical term fermata mean?

The fermata, an eye-like symbol above a music note means that the note of which it is over is to be held/ played for a prolonged period of time, usually longer than the note's given rhythmic value. For GSN Oodles purposes the answer to the question is: To hold or pause.

How do you hold a guitar note longer?

hold the string that you're strumming up, it works for me.

Who can hold a note longer Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson?

sorry but you have been misled! beyonce cant hold a candle to jhud when it comes to singing! beyonce couldn't hold a note longer than Jennifer if it would save her life!!

What does it mean when a bill is no longer in circulation?

When a bill is no longer in circulation, it means the central bank or government has stopped issuing it as legal tender. This could be due to factors like age, wear and tear, or changes in currency design. The bill may still hold value and can be exchanged at banks or central banks.

What does tenuto in music mean?

It means to hold the note, chord, or rest to the full time value. It is usually indicated by a small horizontal line above the note, chord, or rest in question.

Line above or below a music note meaning to hold a note for its full value?


What does a fermata tell a performer to do?

Hold the note longer - if there is a conductor then wait for his/her cut