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The size of the hand isn't relevant to anything important. However, in exercise, a bigger hand is seen as strength.

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Q: What does the size of your hand mean?
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What does it mean when an afghan is touching your hand and shoulder?

Then your shawl is about the right size.

How to tell your hand size?

You can tell the size of your hand by measuring around your hand using a tape measure across your palm.

What is Calvin Johnson's hand size?

Calvin Johnson's hand size is 9.3 inches in length.

What does it mean when a guy has big feet?

it means they havebig socksAnswerHahaha...and big choos ==translation - shoes.

What is size of mitrochondria?

The mitochondria looks like the size of a Lima bean inside its cell. So imagine the cell as the size of your hand, then picture a Lima bean in your hand. That is approximately the size of the mitochondria inside the cell (your hand).

What is equal to 10 centimeters and is the same size of your hands?

Nothing, since my hand is not 10 centimetres! So if something is 10 cm, then it is not the same size as my hand and if it is the same size as my hand, then it is not 10 cm.

How do you reduce hand size for men?

When you reduce his penis size.

How big is a size 1 basketball?

the same size as your hand

What is the name of a monkey the size of your hand?

they're are many primates the size of a human hand but humans hands varies so its different from your hand and mine

Why do breasts vary in size?

Hands vary in size from person to person. Your left hand is a different size than your right hand. Your feet are different sizes.

Measurement Hand size?

hold out your hand and that's how big it is. :D

How big can your heart be?

the size of your hand.