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a combining form meaning "face," used in the names of geometrical solid figures having the form or number of faces specified by the initial element: tetrahedron.

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Q: What does the suffix hedron mean?
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What are words with the prefix hedron?

The root word Hedron is a suffix.

Is a dodecahedron a 2D or 3D shape?

The suffix "hedron" implies 3D. The 2D suffix is "gon"

Is a octahedron a 2D or 3D shape?

The suffix "hedron" implies 3D. The 2D suffix is "gon"

Is a dodecahedron a 2d shape?

No. The suffix -hedron indicates that it is a 3-d shape.

What 3D shape has 15 faces?

A 15-agon (really.) * * * * * NOT REALLY because the "-agon" suffix is applied to 2-dimensional objects. For 3-dimensional objects, the suffix is "-hedron" so the correct ansver could be 15-hedron, but certainlyy NOT 15-agon.

What does -hedron mean?

"Hedron" is usually at the end of a geometrical shape meaning "faces".

How many equal sides does hedron have?

A hedron is not a shape - it is a suffix for solid shapes bounded by plane (polygonal) faces. The prefix give information on the number of faces for example, a tetrahedron has four faces, a decahedron has 10. In any case, there is no need for any of them to be equal.

What does hedron mean in maths?

a geometric figure having a specified kind or number of faces.

What does suffix in mean?

There is no suffix in mean.

Is a nonagon a 2d shape or a 3d shape?

A 2-d shape. The suffix -gon indicates a 2-d shape while -hedron indicates a 3-d shape.

What is the name of a solid that has more than six faces?

They have compound names which use Greek prefices for the number of faces, and the suffix "hedron".So, an octahedron would be a solid with 8 faces.

What does the word poly hedron mean?

A polyhedron is a solid object all of whose faces are polygons.