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Q: What does the t in 10base-t stands for?
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In the term 10BaseT what does Base refer to?

Baseband is what "Base" stands for

What does the T mean in 10Base-T?

It stands for 'twisted pair'. 10BaseT or Ethernet cable consists of two pairs of wires twisted around each other inside an external sheath.

What does base mean in 10baseT?

Base in 10BaseT and 100BaseT stands for baseband. Baseband is a network technology in which only one carrier frequency (signal) is used.

Given a budget of 200 to connect five computers would you choose 100BaseT or 10BaseT?

10BaseT. 100BaseT would blow your budget.

What is 10BaseT Ethernet NIC?

It is a Network Interface Card that connects 10BaseT Networks together A 10BaseT Cable is an Ethernet Cable consisting of 4 pairs of wires 2 for transmitting and 2 for receiving

What is the network capacity for 10 computers using 10Base-T switched Ethernet?

The question is unclear; if you are using 10baseT and you have 10 clients then that is your capacity.

What does 10BaseT mean?

10BaseT is an Ethernet cabling standard. 10BaseT devices can transfer data at a rate of up to 10 Mbps, and use twisted pairs of wires in their Ethernet cabling, as opposed to a coaxial cable. If you see wiring with an RJ-45 plug on the end, you probably have a 10BaseT or backwards-compatible product (such as 100BaseT or 1000BaseT).

Does T mean tablespoons?

Yes, in the U.S. a capital 'T' stands for tablespoons; a lowercase 't' stands for teaspoons.

What is the maximum length of a 10BaseT?

100 meters.

What ones are 10baseT cable types?


What is the formula for computing acceleration?

a = Δv/Δt also: a = Δv/t Δ = Stands for Delta v = Stands for Velocity t = Stands for Time a = Stands for Acceleration / = Stands for Division (Divide)

What does the t in model t mean?

The t in model t stands for testing

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