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It means that you are not concentrating on what you are doing. All you can see is one tree but there is actually a whole bunch of them in front of you.

It may mean concentrating on the smaller specifics and in the process losing out on the larger perspective. Trees are part of the forest. While one may be enjoying the beauty of the trees individually but at the same time he is losing out the beauty of nature as is evident in the complete forest.

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Q: What does the term 'missing the wood for the trees' mean?
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From which Shakespeare play did the term missing the wood for the trees come from?

The expression does not come from Shakespeare.

Missing the wood for the trees?

Missing the woods for the trees is a figure of speech. It means that someone is only focusing on the smaller details and so are missing the bigger picture in a situation.

Is oak wood deciduous?

Oak trees are deciduous. I'm not sure if the term can, strictly speaking, be applied to wood or not.

What type of trees in a temperate forest?

oak trees , red wood trees , and forest wood trees

What trees are softwoods?

Gymnosperm trees such as the conifers are softwoods. Those are your pines, cedars, larches, spruces, cypress, ginkgo and other trees that don't produce flowers. The term has little meaning relative to the hardness of the wood since some hardwood trees have wood that is softer than the wood of some softwoods.

Which trees are soft wood?

There area variety of trees that have soft wood. These trees include cedar trees, pine trees, as well as spruce trees.

What term means to collect sap of maple trees and condense it over wood fires?


What is cherry wood?

Like Oak Wood from Oak Trees . . . Cherry wood comes from Cherry trees

What does deforestiation mean?

Deforestation is when people cut down trees to do something with the wood.

What is the name of trees that produce hard wood?

the name for trees with hard wood

Do soft wood trees lose their leaves?

No they dont hard wood trees do

Is wood running out?

Wood not really, look around you, trees and what are trees made from?

Is wood organic?

Yes because wood comes from trees and trees are organic

Which tree has no timber?

All trees have timber. Timber is wood and wood comes from trees.

Is wood renewable or nonrenewable?

renewable Wood is renewable because you can plant more trees to grow more trees for wood.

What is non-coniferous wood?

Non-coniferious wood is wood from trees that are not gymnospermous trees that bear cones, such as pines and firs.

What are woods made of?

Wood comes from trees. A wood is a number of trees growing together. The substance 'wood' is mainly cellulose

Type of softwood?

Any wood from trees that do not have deciduous leaves is called 'soft' wood. Conversely, any wood from trees that do not have needles is a 'hard' wood.

Where is wood made from?

Wood isn't made, it's harvested from trees. Trees consists of wood. They get felled and sawed into easy-to-use pieces - wood.

Is wood or coal renewable?

Coal is non-renewable but wood is. Because wood comes from trees that can be replanted to supply for more wood in the future. Renewable does not mean it can be used over and over again. it just mean a potentially infinite supply of it

What does the word sawmill mean?

A sawmill is a place where trees are sawn and the wood prepared for use.

Is wood a nonrenewable resource?

No, wood comes form trees, tree grow, so wood is a RENEWABLE resource Yes it is provided you keep planting trees as you cut them down. They are a renewable reasorce renewable Wood is renewable because you can plant more trees to grow more trees for wood.

What are the name of softwood?

Softwood is a common term given to pine trees and other conifers. However, some pines do not have soft wood. The wood of the longleaf pine tree is harder than that of most hardwood trees. The wood of a particular type of slash pine that grows a taproot instead of fibrous root is so hard that it must be drilled in order to insert nails. And white pine is hard enough to be machined. The wood of other cone bearing trees is generally soft and deserves the term of softwood.

What trees are there in wood buffalo?

Wood Bison

What is Wood is made of?

Wood is made from trees