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variation means to be different also the meaning is used in science

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Q: What does the term shared variation mean?
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What does the name Dacia mean?

Was a former Roman province in was is now Romania. A variation of the term southerner.

What does the mathematical term break mean?

used to show a variation between two lines of value

What does the term RTFM stand for?

The term RTFM has many meanings. It can mean Read The Freaking Manual. The real term is found if you replace Freaking with a much harsher variation of the word.

What is the diurnal range of temperature and mean temperature of Bhopal for the month of may?

"Diurnal temperature variation is a meteorological term that relates to the variation in temperature that occurs from the highs of the day to the cool of nights."

Determine Coefficient of variation from the mean and standard deviation?

Coeff of Variation = Mean/SD

What does la chelle mean?

"La chelle" is not a commonly recognized term. It is possible that it is a misspelling or a variation of a different word or phrase. Can you provide more context or clarify the term you are referring to?

What does the math term direct variation mean?

Two variables, X and Y, are in direct variation if Y = kX for some constant k. The graph of Y as a function of X will be a straight line through the origin.

What does the term coefficient of variation mean?

The Coefficient of Variation is a ratio showing the degree to which individual points of data in a sample deviate from the mean. It is calculated by taking the standard deviation of the sample and dividing that by the mean of the sample. It can be useful for comparing different data sets because it is a ratio (or percentage) and not an absolute number.

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