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Q: What does the term tribute mean as used in this unit?
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What does the term standard unit mean?

Standard Unit is a language used for writing programs for computer systems.

Is byte a term used in computer to mean billions?

No, It is the unit for digital information

In Yugioh is sacrifice and tribute mean the same thing?

'Sacrifice' doesn't appear anywhere in the English version of the game, it is a Magic the Gathering term here. But it is used in the Japanese version of the game, and is indeed the same thing as a Tribute.

What does the acronym MTU mean?

The term MTU comes is used in computer networking and stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. It is the size in bytes of the largest protocol data unit that can be used.

What does ths mean on a ruler?

The term THS refers to the unit of measurement often used by those in the woodworking profession.

What does the term 'breezaire' mean?

The term 'breezeaire' refers to a type of wine refrigeration unit. They are used to keep bottles of wine chilled and one can purchase them from both Amazon and eBay.

What is the term for unit that mesures elctrical restaince?

Ohm is a unit used for measuring electrical resistance.

What is aunit of Mac in physics?

What do you mean with "unit of mac"? If you mean "unit of mass", the official unit, used worldwide, is the kilogram.

What term is used to mean that a stimulus to one part of the body causes a response in another part of the body?

What is the smallest complete living unit of the body

What term is used for the basic unit of living matter in the body?

the cell .

What unit used to answer volume?

If you mean what unit is used to measure volume then its litres, mililitres, kilolitres, etc...

Can XYZs be used in tribute summons?

Yes, you can tribute an XYZ monster to tribute summon something.