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It means "next to" - as it does in all other areas of communication.

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Q: What does the word adjacent mean in math?
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What is another word for adjacent in math?

adjacent means next to, so i will say another word is NEXT TO

What does adjacent angles mean in math?

a angle that is really werid

What does adjacent mean in a math term?

Adjacent angles are two angles that share a mutual side. This is in geometry.

What does adjacent mean in math?

adjacent in maths means the angle on a triangle next to a right angle in trigonometry and pythagoras

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What does adjacent mean in math terms?

Adjacent means two objects touching immediately next to each other without any intervening space.

What does the word adjecent mean?

adjacent means next to or bordering on

In math what is adjacent?

In maths adjacent means next to, e.g. the adjacent line would be the one next to it.

What does adjacent interior angles mean in math?

It means two angles inside a polygon that share a side.

What is a arithmentic sequence mean in math?

It is an ordered set of numbers such that the difference between adjacent numbers is a constant.

What is a cosign in math?

If you mean cosine then it is angle ratio found in a right angle triangle which is adjacent/hypotenuse

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What does the word about mean in math?


What does dindex mean in math?

I do not know of such a word related to math(s)

What is the opposite word of adjacent?

Antonyms for the word adjacent include:ApartAwayDetachedDisconnectedNonadjacentSeparateDistant

What does the word by mean in math?

the word by means 'times' or 'multiply'

Is the word at in math mean to divide?

The word at means the least

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What does the word inverse mean in math?

The opposite of