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noun 1. the area on a billiard table behind the balkline; "a player with ball in hand must play from the balk" [syn: balk] 2. something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress [syn: hindrance] 3. one of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof [syn: rafter]

verb 1. refuse to comply [syn: resist]

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Q: What does the word baulk mean?
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What does it mean to put a ball in to ball?

I'm thinking you mean to put a ball into Baulk. In Billiards, it doesn't apply to snooker or pool, a cueball in the Baulk area must be played down the table, that is out of Baulk. Baulk is the area including the D that is between the line & the top cushion.

What is a baulk colour?

A baulk colour is any of the coloured snooker balls usually spotted on the baulk line in snooker - the yellow, green, and brown balls.

What is a baulk end?

In cue sports, the baulk line is the line at the baulk end of the snooker table, upon which the green, yellow, and brown balls are placed.

Why in snooker is it called the baulk line?

The baulk area has no significance in Snooker and is only used in the game of English Billiards; an object-ball within this area is considered to be "In-Baulk", and cannot be played at directly if the striker is "In-Hand".

What does the term baulk-line mean in snooker?

The Baulk area is marked by a line drawn 29 inches from the bottom cushion. A semi circle with a radius of 11.5 inches centered on this line within Baulk forms the 'D' in which the cue ball must be placed when breaking off, or after the cue ball has been potted, or shot off the table. The position of three of the coloured balls, Green, Pink and Yellow are located along this line prior to the commencement of the game

What is the purpose of a baulk ring?

A baulk ring is a synchronizer component used in manual transmissions to help match the speed of gears before engagement. It reduces gear clash and wear on the transmission components by allowing smoother shifting.

The material used for construction of the baulk ring?

copper based alloy, Phosphor bronze ;)

What is the croquet starting line called?

The croquet start line is called a baulk line.

What is a baulk ring?

A baulk ring is a gearbox / transmission component commonly found in most modern car gearboxes. It is a mechanism which helps ensure that gear changes are smooth and quiet by preventing the gears from being engaged until both components coming into contact are travelling at the same speed. The synchro cone is the component which actually speeds up or slows down the gears before they are engaged while the baulk ring stops the engagement taking place until the speeds match.

Where is ecu located on a Mitsubishi carisma 1.8?

it sits behind the engine on the baulk head a square block

What transmission was in the 1973 VW Thing?

It had only one transmission and that is the Baulk synchronized, dry clutch, four-speed manual.

What is ther purpose of a screw thread finish surface on a baulk ring?

baulk ring is the device that prevent 2 knyans being selected at the same time