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It means-- something times something times something--or something raised to the third power. Squared is something times something--or something to the second power.

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Q: What does the word cubed mean in maths?
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What does the word cubed number mean in maths?

A number multiplied by itself thrice. 2 x 2 x 2 equals 2 cubed.

What does cc mean in maths?

If you mean cc as in from a motorbike it stands for centimetres cubed. It is a unit of Volume. 1 cc = 1 ml

What does the word prism mean in maths?

its a shape

What does the word less mean in maths?

it mean have to divide it i think

What does the word express mean in maths?

i don't have a clue

What does the word square mean in maths?

A multiple in a nmber

What does quad mean in maths?

The word "quad" mean four (4).

What is the level30 pass code for cool maths B-Cubed?

what is the time

What is the level 26 pass code for cool maths B-Cubed?


What does the maths word manapulation mean?

@MikeyBoi1993 ----->> follow him on twitter he will tell you the answer!

What does the word Cube mean in maths?

a square that is a solid 3D figure

What does cm3 mean in maths?

Centimeters cubed, or cubic centimeters (cc). It is a measure of volume. One cc (or cm cubed) is equal to 1 cm wide by 1 cm high x 1 cm deep.

What words in maths mean addition?

The word 'plus' implies the process of addition.

What does the word approximate mean in maths?

close to the actual, but not completely accurate or exact

What does the word Milli mean in maths?

one thousand or one thousandth

What does maths decompisition mean?

Nothing, since decompisition is not a real word! What decomposition means depends on the context, which you have not provided: "maths" is not enough.

What does the word cubed mean?

It means a number multiplied by itself three times. So, for example, 3 cubed is 3*3*3 = 27

What is Cubed mean?

Cubed means its multiplied by 3 like 5 cubed is 15.

What is the Irish word for maths?

Maths (mathematics) is matamaitic.

How do you say the word maths in french?

maths/mathematics = mathématiques

What does dozen mean in maths?

A dozen = 12. The word comes from the old French word douzaine which means "a group of twelve".

Does breath mean width in maths?

Yes it does No it doesn't - breadth is the word which means width in mathematics.

What does the word operation mean in maths?

An operation is a question (equation) that contains numerals or (sometimes and) numerals

What doese the word sum mean?

In maths it means pulsing 2 or more numbers together.

What is dm in maths?

if its dm cubed then that means that's the area in cubic meters taken up by a gas like in chemistry 1 mole takes up 24 dm cubed