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It means ten times or ten lots of.

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Q: What does the word deka mean?
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What does deka mean?

Deka is a prefix meaning ten times.

Deka when used in a metric prefix mean?

Deka means "times ten".Deka means "times ten".Deka means "times ten".Deka means "times ten".

What language is the word deka from?

The prefix deka- (and the related form deca) come from Greek, meaning "ten."

What does the metric prefix deka mean?

times ten

How do you say 'blanket' in Slovak?

The Slovak word is "deka" or "prikryvka".

What does deca mean in latin?

"Deca-" is actually a Greek root, from the word δέκα (deka), meaning "ten" (e.g. a decagon is a shape with ten sides).

What does deca mean in Japanese?

deca in English is ten so in Japanese is ju however if you question is what does the Japanese word Deka mean in English its big

What is the Greek word for thirteen?

thirteen = δέκα τρία (deka tria)

What is the value of deka?

Deka means 10.

The prefix deka corresponds to a factor of?

if by deka, you mean deca, deca means 10. DECAde, DECAgon, etcDEKA also mean DEan KAmen inc. the company which invented a prothtetic arm, a water distillers then gets water from urine, the segway and otheer inventions.

What does deka mean in metric prefix?

it means the factor times ten.

How much is deka?

If u mean "deca". Then deca means 10.

Does deka mean 10 in Greek?

yes it is δέκα, in Greek

What is deka used to designate the power of 10?

deka = 101

How much is a deka meter?

The prefix "deka" means ten.

When was Ramen Deka born?

Ramen Deka was born in 1954.

How tall is Raja Deka?

Raja Deka is 5' 7".

What is the root word of decade?

The Greek word deca or deka (ten) is the root word of decade.

How many sides an decagon has?

A decagon has ten sides - from the Greek word 'deka' meaning ten.

How many liters are there in dela liter?

Do you mean deka? if so, there are 10 litres in a dekalitre

When was Deka Endoles created?

Deka Endoles was created in 1997-12.

What is the duration of Yaju-deka?

The duration of Yaju-deka is 2.03 hours.

What is the duration of Sukeban Deka?

The duration of Sukeban Deka is 1.55 hours.

What is the duration of Yakuza deka?

The duration of Yakuza deka is 1.48 hours.

What deka Bakugan should be my main Bakugan?

No, you cannot play the bakugan deka in a real battle unless your opponent is using a deka also.