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Diagonal means across at an angle, not horizontal or vertical.

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Q: What does the word diagonally?
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This word can mean a form of prejudice or fabric that is cut diagonally across the grain. what is the word?


What does the word throughflow ean?

the movement of water diagonally through soil.

How can you use the word diagonally in a sentence?

The high school band marched diagonally across the gym floor.The crack ran diagonally across the basement floor.It's a busy street that runs diagonally through town.For the party, she ran a string of balloons diagonallyacross the ceiling.

What does the word biases mean?

a line going diagonally across the grain of fabric

A 19 inch monitor is measured horizontially or diagonally?


If the word tan is written under the word sly and the word tot is written under tan then the word sat is formed diagonally true or false?


What is the chess piece that moves diagonally?

The Bishop moves diagonally.

How is the size of a monitor measured top to bottom diagonally?


What is a scoffold piercing?

another word for an industrial piercing which is basically two piercings made diagonally with a bar through it

If the word saw is written above the word cow and the word too is written above saw then the word tow is formed diagonally?

No, the word taw is formed diagonally:=====T O OS A WC O W=====

What is rectangle cut in half diagonally?

When we'll be cutting diagonally, it will be leaving extra spaces

Can you move diagonally when your a king in checkers?

no u cant move diagonally

Is a widescreen lcd measured diagonally?

Yes, a widescreen TV is still measured diagonally.

Which quadrilaterals always have diagonally adjacent angles?

All quadrilaterals have diagonally adjacent angles.

What is the screen size of this laptop diagonally?

The screen size of the laptop was 12 inches long diagonally.

4 What is the French word for library?

bibliotheque but there is an accent under the first e starting down and going up diagonally.

Can a spy attack diagonally in stratego?

Yes a spy can attack diagonally in stratego and it can kill anyone as long as they dont attack but only the spy has the prevelidge of attacking diagonally Good luck

Can a king move diagonally in chess?

Yes it can but, when there's lots of pieces blocking he can't move diagonally

Can a pawn only capture diagonally?

Yes, only diagonally. In special situations, though, there is en passant capturing

If the word 'tan' is written under the word 'sly' and the word 'tot'is written 'tan'then the word '' '' is formed diagonally?

True, Because The First Letter In SLY Is "S" And The Second Letter In TAN Is "A"And The Third Letter In TOT Is "T" So You Would Get SAT Diagonally.SLYTANTOT

How many axes of symmetry are there in a square?

there are four, one vertical, one horizontal, one diagonally right and one diagonally left :)

How do you spell diagonally?

That is the correct spelling of the adverb "diagonally." It means done at an angle rather than aligned along either horizontal dimension.

What does Harry Potter say instead of Saying diagon alley?

"Diagonally". It's a joke on the name "Diagon Alley" being a pun of "diagonally".

How do you measure a VDU?


What rhymes with diagonally?