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Domain is the independent variable in an equation. It is what you put "in" the equation to get the Range.

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Q: What does the word domain mean in math?
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What does the word functions mean?

To function means, "to work correctly or adequately". In math, a function is a relation between the domain and the codomain that associates each element in the domain with exactly one element in the codomain.

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What is domain mean in math?

The word is used in the context of sets and mappings. A mapping is a relationship between two sets. To each element in one set, the domain, the mapping allocated one element in the other set, the co-domain or range.

What is a sentence for the word domain?

The ancient king was the undisputed master of his domain. An internet domain has to be officially assigned to a country or region. In math, a function's domain is usually a finite set of values.

What do you mean by domain?

the word domain is used in the context of a domain naming system. The word domain naming system is commonly abbreviated as DNS. For a domain naming system, the word domain is defined as a group of workstations and servers which share a single group name. The word domain also refers to the address of a website on the Internet. The protocol, the path, the page and the other items are not attached to the domain. by harideep

Is the word at in math mean to divide?

The word at means the least

What is the definition of Practical Domain in math?

The practical domain is the domain by simply looking at the function. Whereas the mathematical domain is the domain based on the graph.

What does the math word oylier mean?

There is no such math word, so it does not mean anything. You may wish to check your spelling before posting questions!

What does the word ''about'' mean in a math problem?


What does dindex mean in math?

I do not know of such a word related to math(s)

What is the diffenition of mean in math?

The word "mean" in math means the same thing as average. Mean is just a nickname for average.

What does the word BY mean as a geographical location?

The .by domain is for Belarus.

What does the word distribute mean in math?

its mean like well its a math term its like distrubed fractions

What does the word increased in a math problem mean?

The word increased in a math problem means you are adding to terms or numbers.

What does the word partition mean in math?


What does the word aproximately mean in math?


What does the word about mean in math?


What does the word indicate mean in math?

a groupe of numbers

What does the word reduce mean in math?

in math terms reduce means to simplify

What does the word total amount mean in math?

arithemetic mean

What is the word rate mean in math?

it mean per rate

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In math what does the word equation mean?