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A mathematical mean is the average of a group of numbers. To find it, you add all of the numbers you're being asked to find the mean for and then divide by the number of numbers you added. In other words, the average.

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There are other means which are useful in other circumstances. The two common ones are the geometric mean and the harmonic mean.

The geometric mean, for a group of n positive numbers is the nth root of the product of the numbers.

So, G(4,6,9) = cuberoot(4*6*9) =cuberoot(216) = 6

The geometric mean is useful with numbers that are used as multipliers, such as growth rates.

The harmonic mean of n numbers x1, x2, x3 ,... xn is the number H such that

n/H = 1/x1 + 1/x2 + 1/x3 + ... + 1/xn

The harmonic mean is useful when the average of rates is desired. For example, if you travel k miles at x mph and another k miles at y mph, your average speed would be H(x,y).

Mean is another name for 'average'. Here you add up the scores and divide this new number by how many scores there are.

in notation this is (Sigma (xf-xi)) / x

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