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Integers are whole numbers with no fractional part, for example: 24, 3, 1, 0, -5, 376 and 12345 are all integers. As you can see, the set of integers includes zero as well as positive and negative numbers.

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Q: What does the word number integers mean?
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Is mean another way to say positive number?

No. A mean is another word for average. Can be negative, positive, or zero. As long as it adds 2 or more integers and divides it by the number of integers.

How do you find the sum of all the positive integers of a number?

By adding whatever you mean with "integers of a number".

How do you find the mean of 5 integers?

Add the integers together, then divide it by the number of integers there are, (in this case 5)

A number that can not be written as a fraction with a numerator and a denominator that are integers?

A number that cannot be expressed as p/q, where pand q are both integers, is known as an irrationalnumber.The word irrational in this sense does not mean unreasonable. It means not a ratio.

What is the symbol for integers where does it comes from and what does it mean?

What the symbol for integers is your question, right? Well, it is "Z" and comes from the word, in German, number. So yeah, I answered all three questions: what is, where from, and what does. I hope this was helpful to you.

What does number of integers mean?

It means how many numbers there are.

What is the word for this definionany number that can be expressed as a ratios of two integers?

A rational number.

What is the symbol for integers were does it came from and what does s it mean?

The symbol for the set of integers is Z from the German word "zahl" = integer.

What does origin mean when using integers?

It is the position of the number zero.

What does find the factor of a number mean?

List the integers that will divide into the number evenly with no remainder.

What is the symbol integers and where does it come from and what does it mean?

The symbol for the set of integers is Z and it comes from the German word Zahlen, meaning numbers.

What does rational number mean in mathematical terms?

It is a real number that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers.